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April&November 2016- Update

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Update 4-11 16      

New feature - November 2016:   Suspicious contracts can be highlighted in the Results and Result Matrix pages.

The Bridgemate Scoring System (BCS) is the North American electronic scoring system of choice - with over 26,000 in use.

The Bridgemate Scoring System is an advanced scoring system for bridge, developed to make recording results easier, reduce errors to a minimum, have real-time registration of the results in the scoring program and increase the speed of publishing final results.  Both players and directors benefit from using Bridgemates.  Players find the Bridgemate an easy-to-use device and enjoy the instant feedback on their results after each board is played.   Directors can now focus completely on supervising the game or tournament without worrying about picking up score sheets, recording player names etc.  The Bridgemate system does it all.

Latest news

April/November 2016:  Latest Update

Bridgemates II:  There are 3 separate actions:             Bridgemates Pro:  There is only 1 change:


Install BCS Software:  BCSsetup3-2-23.exe                                 Install BCS Software:  BCSsetup3-2-23.exe
Install USB Server firmware update:  usbs221d.exe
Update Bridgemate II Firmware to:  V2.2.2

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Bridgemate is world's most popular wireless scoring system for bridge clubs and tournaments.  Its user-friendliness, functionality and reliability are unrivalled and lifts any club to a higher level.

It is not all about scoring.  Guiding players through the game, providing instant feedback of results, live rankings, game summaries and recording of hand records are just a few of the many features in the Bridgemate II.

Two Bridgemate models are available, but both share the same high degree of reliability.  Whether you choose the state-of-the-art Bridgemate II or the economical Bridgemate Pro, both offer your club the best of wireless scoring.


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Bridgemate is the official scoring system of the European Bridge League and World Bridge Federation