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Welcome to the website of the the North American distributor for the Bridgemate® wireless scoring system.

Great News!

The 2013 ACBL "Top 50 Clubs" list shows that forty (40) of the clubs - and all of the top 13 - use Bridgemates!

The Bridgemate Scoring System is an advanced scoring system for bridge, developed to make recording results easier, reduce errors to a minimum, have real-time registration of the results in the scoring program and increase the speed of publishing final results.  Both players and directors benefit from using Bridgemates.  Players find the Bridgemate an easy-to-use device and enjoy the instant feedback on their results after each board is played.   Directors can now focus completely on supervising the game or tournament without worrying about picking up score sheets, recording player names etc.  The Bridgemate system does it all.

Bridgemate Pro

The Bridgemate wireless scoring system uses table-top terminals at which players enter their player numbers and the board results.  A central receiver is connected to the computer for picking up scores from the Bridgemates and transferring the results to the scoring program.  Wireless radio-transmission is used to transmit the data.

Try it out yourself by downloading Virtual Bridgemate Pro and see how easy the Bridgemate works.

There are over 3,500 clubs using more than 100,000 Bridgemates in 60+ countries; 40 national Bridge organizations use Bridgemates in their tournaments.  The World Bridge Federation and European Bridge League have used Bridgemates at all of their tournaments starting in 2005. At the 2008 World Bridge Olympiad in Beijing, China - organized by the World Bridge Federation - more than 175,000 boards were scored with Bridgemates.

Bridgemate II - the next generation scoring system.

Bridgemate II is the new addition to the popular and widely-used Bridgemate Scoring System.  Built on the Bridgemate ten-year track record of proven reliability, Bridgemate II offers even more functionality and user-friendliness - all in a modern and slim design.

Bridgemates II deliveries started in November 2009.  Download the Bridgemate II Product Description

Baron Barclay Bridge Supply sells the Bridgemate Scoring System.  Please visit their website for all your Bridge supplies.

Download the Bridgemate.US Brochure Electronic Scoring - Direct from the Table (619 kB).

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