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Bridgemate Play
Hybrid club game

Play your favourite club game from the comfort

of your own home and never miss out


Create a hybrid club with Bridgemate Play

No more separate online and offline games. Bridgemate Play enables you to create
a true hybrid bridge club, where face-to-face club players play together with online players
in a single club game.



With Bridgemate Play, clubs can easily organise a hybrid bridge game with some players participating face-to-face at the club
using real bridge cards and others joining in online through the Bridgemate Play platform. Both online and
offline players play the same boards simultaneously, and results and rankings are shared in real time and instantly
available to the scoring program. Bridgemate Play is available on any iPad or Android tablet, or Windows or Mac computer or
laptop with an internet connection. No download is required.   

Attract more players to your club

Let your members participate online if they are unable to visit the club. Attract new people to your bridge games by enabling them to play online.
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Play at your club wherever you are

Join your club game from home (or anywhere) using
your tablet or computer if you are not able to make it
to the club.
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