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Pricing for clubs

Playing on Bridgemate Play is paid for by clubs using credits.  Credits are spent for each board result that is processed in Bridgemate Control Software.  Each board result consumes five credits when being processed.  The costs per credit depend on the quantity of credits purchased and are published on the pricing page.

Pricing example

Say you organise an hybrid game with twelve face-to-face tables and four online tables.  There is no sitout and each table plays 24 boards.  You are only charged for the board results coming from the online game, and not for the board results produced in the face-to-face game.  The Bridgemate Play online game produces 4 x 24 = 96 board results and each board result consumes five credits.  The total number of credits required is: 96 x 5 = 480 credits.  If you have purchased 5.000 credits for $108.00, the cost per credit is $0.0218 and the total costs for the online tables in this game are 480 x 0,0218 = $10.46 (see pricing page for credit pricing details).

Buying credits

You must have a Bridgemate club account to purchase credits.  Credits are added to your credit balance in your Bridgemate club account.  Contact Bridgemate.US for information on how to purchase credits for your club.


Pricing FAQ

Who should buy credits?

Clubs that want to use Bridgemate app scoring or play hybrid games using Bridgemate Play need credits to process the results.  Individual players do not need credits to play on Bridgemate Play.

Can I charge table money to our online players at Bridgemate Play?

It is not possible yet to charge table money to players through the Bridgemate Play platform.  You are free to charge your players outside the platform. In the future a method to charge table money will be added to Bridgemate Play.

Do credits expire?

Credits do not have an expiry date.

Can I transfer or sell credits to another club?

It is not possible to sell or transfer credits to another Bridgemate club account.

How do I order credits for my club?

Credits can be purchased from Bridgemate.US. Contact us for ordering options.

What if I run out of credits?

When you have run out of credits, you can still enter scores on the Bridgemate app and play on the Bridgemate Play platform.  However, scores are not processed by Bridgemate Control Software until you have purchased new credits.

Do Pass and No play also count as a board result?

Yes. If all four players pass, or the board is not played due to a lack of time and is marked as No Play, this counts as a board result and therefor credits are consumed when the result is processed.