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Bridgemate pricing

All prices are in US$ - F.O.B. Lexington, VA.  Virginia sales tax applies on deliveries within Virginia.  Please contact us for a quotation tailored to your needs.

Bridgemate II

$ 148.00 (1-19 units)
$ 140.00 (20-39 units)
$ 132.00 (40-79 units)
80+ units - Call us

Bridgemate II scoring device

Bridgemate II scoring device for easy scoring of all your bridge games.  Elegant flat design with a wide screen provides a great user experience.  One device needed per table.  Includes 2 AA batteries and 2-year warranty.

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Accessories for Bridgemate II

Bridgemate II server
$ 288.00 (1-4 units)

$ 260.00 (5+ units)

Wireless base station for the Bridgemate II Scoring System.

Bridgemate II carrying case  $ 65.00

Stylish and convient travel/storage case for Bridgemate II.  Holds up-to-25 Bridgemates and one server – or 26 Bridgemates.          Size:  18" x 16" x 5½"

Watch Pager

$ 90.00

Watch model of the Bridgemate pager for directors to receive TD-calls.

Pocket Pager

$ 90.00

Pocket model of the Bridgemate pager for to receive TD-calls.

Transmitter for Pager system

$ 90.00

USB transmitter for the the Bridgemate pager system.

Bridgemate Pro$ 75.00

Bridgemate Pro scoring device (refurbished) - Limited Availability

The original Bridgemate pro scoring device.  Robuust and easy-to-use device for quick and straightforward scoring of all your bridge games.  Product is refurbished and as good as new.  1 Bridgemate per table needed.  4 AAA batteries and 1-year warranty included.

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Accessories for Bridgemate Pro

Bridgemate Pro server (new)

$ 288.00

Wireless base station - including USB-serial converter, power adapter, 4 TD Keys & Communications cable.

Tournament director's key (TD-key)

 $ 5.00

Special key for the TD to configure the Bridgemate Pro, enter adjusted scores and edit/view/remove scores.

Communications cable

 $ 35.00

Serial communications cable to connect the Bridgemate Pro directly to the computer.

USB-serial converter (dongle)

$ 30.00

Converter to connect the Bridgemate Pro server and communications cable to the USB port. (included with server)

Travel/storage case-Bridgemate Pro

$ 65.00                 Size:  18" x 16" x 5½"

Convenient carrying case for the Bridgemate Pro system. Holds up to 20 Bridgemates Pro and 1 server.

Shipping and additional products and services


UPS or US Mail charges + optional in-transit insurance


Extended warranty

Available only for the      Bridgemate II scoring system.

Extend the standard Bridgemate II 2-year warranty:

      >  An additional year for a total of 3 years.

      >  An additional 3 years for a total of 5 years.

1 Year:  $8.00 per Bridgemate / per server


3 Years:  $20.00 per Bridgemate / per server