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Bridgemate pricing

All prices are in US$ - F.O.B. Lexington, VA.  Virginia sales tax applies on deliveries within Virginia.  Please contact us for a quotation tailored to your needs.

Bridgemate II

$ 148.00 (1-19 units)
$ 140.00 (20-39 units)
$ 132.00 (40-79 units)
80+ units - Call us

Bridgemate II scoring device

Bridgemate II scoring device for easy scoring of all your bridge games.  Elegant flat design with a wide screen provides a great user experience.  One device needed per table.  Includes 2 AA batteries and 2-year warranty.

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Accessories for Bridgemate II

Bridgemate II server
$ 288.00 (1-4 units)

$ 260.00 (5+ units)

Wireless base station for the Bridgemate II Scoring System.

Bridgemate II carrying case  $ 80.00

Stylish and convient travel/storage case for Bridgemate II.  Holds up-to-25 Bridgemates and one server – or 26 Bridgemates.          Size:  18" x 16" x 5½"

Watch Pager

$ 90.00

Watch model of the Bridgemate pager for directors to receive TD-calls.

Pocket Pager

$ 90.00

Pocket model of the Bridgemate pager for to receive TD-calls.

Transmitter for Pager system

$ 90.00

USB transmitter for the the Bridgemate pager system.

Bridgemate Pro$ 75.00

Bridgemate Pro scoring device (refurbished) - Currently Unavailable

The original Bridgemate pro scoring device.  Robuust and easy-to-use device for quick and straightforward scoring of all your bridge games.  Product is refurbished and as good as new.  1 Bridgemate per table needed.  4 AAA batteries and 1-year warranty included.

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Accessories for Bridgemate Pro

Bridgemate Pro server (new)

$ 288.00

Wireless base station - including USB-serial converter, power adapter, 4 TD Keys & Communications cable.

Tournament director's key (TD-key)

 $ 5.00

Special key for the TD to configure the Bridgemate Pro, enter adjusted scores and edit/view/remove scores.

Communications cable

 $ 35.00

Serial communications cable to connect the Bridgemate Pro directly to the computer.

USB-serial converter (dongle)

$ 30.00

Converter to connect the Bridgemate Pro server and communications cable to the USB port. (included with server)

Travel/storage case-Bridgemate Pro

$ 65.00                 Size:  18" x 16" x 5½"

Convenient carrying case for the Bridgemate Pro system. Holds up to 20 Bridgemates Pro and 1 server.

Shipping and additional products and services


UPS or US Mail charges + optional in-transit insurance


Extended warranty

Available only for the      Bridgemate II scoring system.

Extend the standard Bridgemate II 2-year warranty:

      >  An additional year for a total of 3 years.

      >  An additional 3 years for a total of 5 years.

1 Year:  $8.00 per Bridgemate / per server


3 Years:  $20.00 per Bridgemate / per server

Credits for Bridgemate app scoring and Bridgemate Play


Credits are used to process board results entered on the Bridgemate app and on the Bridgemate Play platform. One credit is consumed for each score entered in Bridgemate app, five credits are consumed for each board played on Bridgemate Play. Purchased credits do not have an expiry date and can be used freely for Bridgemate app or Bridgemate Play.

Example: A typical game of 6 tables and 24 boards requires 6 x 24 x 1 = 144 credits when Bridgemate app scoring is used, and 6 x 24 x 5 = 720 credits when this game is played online at Bridgemate Play. See Bridgemate Play pricing for more information.

1.000 credits

Process 1.000 Bridgemate app board results or 200 Bridgemate Play board results.

$ 25,- (0,025 per credit)

5.000 credits

Process 5.000 Bridgemate app board results or 1.000 Bridgemate Play board results.

$ 108,- (0,0218 per credit)

10.000 credits

Process 10.000 Bridgemate app board results or 2.000 Bridgemate Play board results.

$ 192,- (0,0192 per credit)

25.000 credits

Process 25.000 Bridgemate app board results or 5.000 Bridgemate Play board results.

$ 450,- (0,018 per credit)