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Bridgemate Pager

The new Bridgemate add-on for TD's and Directors

With the Bridgemate Pager, it is possible to receive director calls as soon as they have been sent via a simple push of two buttons on the Bridgemate II.

The pager makes the playing area quieter; the director can quickly and easily see which table has called for the director.

The pager helps the director respond more quickly to the relevant table and keep all the players happy, because they’re not distracted by every director call.

The Bridgemate Pager

The Bridgemate Pager system works fully on-site, and does not need an internet connection or any extra software.  The Bridgemate Pager has its own USB transmitter, which the user inserts into a USB port on the computer running the Bridgemate Control Software.  Every director gets a pager to receive director calls.  There are two different Bridgemate Pagers: a watch pager and a pocket pager.  The differences are described on this web page.  Whenever a table requires a director, there is no longer any need to call out or stand up to attract attention – everything happens silently, and the director arrives as soon as possible.

How it works

The director sets up the session as usual, inserts the transmitter into the computer’s USB port, and starts the event.  If a player requires the attention of the director, they (s)he presses the "CALL TD:" button on the Bridgemate II - and then presses the "CALL" button to confirm that a TD call is desired.  The Bridgemate Control Software handles the call and the transmitter sends a message to the pager.  This all happens within a couple of seconds, so there’s no delay.  The system has a very flexible configuration, which enables the director to independently link pagers to one or more sections.

Watch pagerLight & rechargeable, worn around your wrist

A watch to receive director calls.

This pager can be worn around your wrist, just like a regular watch.  The user also has all the benefits of a regular watch, with the time close to hand.  The user can set whether the watch should vibrate and/or play a sound when a TD call comes in.  As a user, you’ll never miss a call, because you’re notified of them right there on your wrist.  The watch pager runs on a rechargeable built-in battery; a charger is provided with every pager.  The watch pager is small, making it very convenient to take with you wherever you go.

Pocket pagerBig screen, big buttons

Fits in your pocket or on your belt.

The pocket pager comes with a holder, so you can put it on a belt or - as the name suggests - in a pocket.  The user can set the pager to vibrate and/or play a sound when a director call comes in.  The screen of the pocket pager is larger than that of the watch pager, as are the buttons and font size.  The pocket pager works on one AAA battery, so when the pager runs out of power, simply replace the battery to get it up and running again.

Advantages of the Bridgemate pager

  • The director can be called with a simple push of a button on the Bridgemate II
  • The director doesn't have to search for the correct table; the table number that requests the director is displayed on the pager
  • Pagers can be set to specific sections, so directors can be dedicated to those specific sections
  • Players can concentrate better, because there is less noise due to players calling the director
  • No internet connection is required for the pager to work

More information

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Bridgemate pager Manual.

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