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The original Bridgemate system has been a constant companion in bridge clubs for 17 years.  Today, we’re proud to have a dedicated following of more than 5,500 bridge clubs in over 65 countries — and growing.  Working with our friends in the global bridge community, we continue to develop Bridgemate as a world-class product, and an essential part of Bridge games and tournament life.


Bridgemate II

The Bridgemate II is a new generation Bridgemate Scoring System and is the successor of the popular Bridgemate Pro.

Built on 14-years experience, the Bridgemate II is a great leap in all aspects. A modern device with improved features and user-friendliness which increase the enjoyment of the bridge game.

The Bridgemate II scoring system is an excellent companion for every bridge club.

Bridgemate II is the latest addition to the family, and now the most advanced bridge scoring system in the world, with more than 30 new features.  We've also redesigned the product to make it smaller and lighter (but with the same big buttons) and added a much larger, more readable screen.

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Large screen and accessible controls.  If you can use a calculator, you can use Bridgemate.


Displays player names, sit-out information and next-round table assignment.


Instant feedback on player rankings for the session, and results, displayed as traveller or frequency list.


PIN code security for full control over the system and the game/tournament.


Real-time, synchronized movement information transmitted direct to the tables.


Change play option(s) and update some or all of the Bridgemates.


Yes, we mean its looks, but we also mean that new members will find added appeal in a club that uses the Bridgemate system.


Used by 4,500+ clubs in 65 countries, and endorsed by 45 national bridge federations, as well as the World Bridge Federation and European Bridge League.


Price options to suit every size of club and bank balance as well as free software upgrades and support.



Bridgemate Pro


The Bridgemate Pro is the original Bridgemate device, and now holds a new position as the second, most-advanced bridge scoring system in the world - after the Bridgemate II. 

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