United States

Team Games using Bridgemates


Most of the World's bridge-scoring programs do support using Bridgemates for team games.  Unfortunately, "Remote score entry" for team games was not programmed into ACBLscore.  This necessitates the use of alternatives to enable wireless scoring for team games in North America. 

Until recently, the most viable alternative for team games using Bridgemates has been two programs from the U.K.:  SwissTeamsScorer and TeamsScorer.  Bridgemate.US has tested these programs and detailed instructions are available on this website.  for more detail go to SwissTeamsScorer & TeamsScorer.

Now there is another alternative  - BridgeTD - which "bridges the gap" between ACBLscore the Bridgemates for team games   It enables the director to use ACBLscore with Bridgemates to run a Swiss team game.  Details are available on the BridgeTD website.