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SwissTeamsScorer & TeamsScorer

Stand alone programs to run team game and enter the final results into ACBLscore

Bridgemate.US has tested the SwissTeamsScorer (STS) and TeamsScorer (TS) programs by originally written by Jeff Smith, U.K.  They have been modified and updated for North American use.  The English Bridge Union (EBU) has adopted Jeff's programs and branded them as EBUScore.  Non members may "purchase" the EBUScore programs for a nominal fee.  The previous STS and TS programs may be downloaded from:  SwissTeamsScorer - or - TeamsScorer.

There is no charge for the previous programs but they have been updated for some years..  

The SwissTeamsScorer (STS) program works best for games with an even number of tables and larger team games (8 or 9+ teams) - whereas the TeamsScorer (TS) is easiest to use for smaller, odd-number of teams games, specifically 5- and 7-team games.  It should also be noted that the TS movements do not use short round robins and thus is more logical for the players.

The following Bridgemate.US documents provide information on using the STS and TS programs with Bridgemates for team games.  There are several separate files:

SwissTeamsScorer Initial Setup-defaults Guide  Initial Setup - STS/Bridgemate Defaults
SwissTeamsScorer (STS) with Bridgemate Scoring System  Running and scoring the game using STS.
Assigning Matches manually and Stationary Teams (Sitters)  Special conditions - Reference Guide.
Wrong direction - Withdrawal - Played at Wrong Table  Correction procedure.

TeamsScorer Initial Setup-Defaults Guide  Initial Setup - TS/Bridgemate Defaults.
TeamsScorer (TS) with Bridgemate Scoring System
 Running and scoring the game using TS.
5 and 7 Team movement Guide Cards  Guide Cards and Movement Information using TS.

The STS and TS programs are used to assign matches each round and calculate the results - typically using the ACBL 20 Victory Point scale.  The final match results (points and Wins/Draws) are manually posted into ACBLscore for calculating MatchPoints and reporting the game to ACBL.  ACBLscore may be run on the same computer with STS and BCS - or it can be used on a separate PC.

Special Note:  During setup, you may encounter an "Error 3260...."  If it appears, disregard and click "OK" to close it.

For your convenience, Swiss Team table cards may be downloaded and printed.