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Names Display at Table

For detailed instructions on showing player names on Bridgemates II at the table, please see this file.

Bridgemate Names Display at Table

When using a large database, e.g., the National ACBL tournament database or a large (10,000+ names) local database, see below.

Large database - Special Procedures

Normally, the local "Club" database is loaded into the game "results' (.bws) file.  This works well when the local database is not too large.   However, if the local Club database is too large (10,000+ names) – and for tournaments using the National tournament database (200,000+ names), it would take too long to load the player names/numbers into the .bws file each time a game is started.  Thus, special procedures should be followed to create a special "searchable" Microsoft® Access database file which will enable Bridgemate Control Software (BCS) to quickly find player numbers/names.

When using ACBLscore in Club mode, refer to Large 'Local Club' Database.

When using ACBLscore in Tournament mode, refer to Large 'National tournament' Database.

November 21, 2017