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Importing Hand Records


Hand record files of pre-dealt boards can be imported into BCS (version 3.1.2 and higher) and used for printing hand record sheets, uploading to a web site and/or uploading to the Bridgemate App.


Hand records in PBN (Portable Bridge Notation), DUP (Duplimate) or Big Deal CSV format can be imported to the current session in BCS.  Imported hand records can then be uploaded to the Bridgemate II system (to allow the tournament director to review the hand records from the Bridgemate devices), printed on hand record sheets including makeable contract information, uploaded to a website and/or uploaded to the Bridgemate App.  It should be noted that the .pbn format can include a makeable contract analysis.

To import hand records, go to menu File Import.

If you play one section, or multiple sections with identical hand records, select "Import a file to all sections," and specify the hand record file by clicking on the "browse file" button.   If you play multiple sections and each section has its own set of hand records, select "Import a separate file to each section" and specify the file for each section.

Click on Import file(s), the hand record files are now imported into your session in BCS.

After the files have been imported, the following actions can be performed automatically:

  • Analyze makeable contracts (double dummy analysis).  Each hand record is analyzed and the information about makeable contracts is stored in the results (.bws) file.  When you print hand records in BCS (go to menu File Print), the makeable contracts are included on the printed hand records.
  • Upload hand records to the Bridgemate app.  Automatically upload the imported hand records to the Bridgemate App.  Makeable contracts are included as well, so this analysis is also performed.
  • Upload hand records to the Bridgemate II scoring system.  Upload the hand records to the Bridgemate II scoring system.  This allows the TD to review the hand records from the Bridgemate table units.