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Firmware Installation

USB Server and Bridgemates II (table units)

USB Server    Bridgemate II USB server 2.3.1d firmware (506 KB)

Requires Bridgemate II firmware v2.3.1.

  1. With Bridgemate Control Software not running, connect the server to a USB port. 
    ■  The USB / Battery power LED should turn green.
    ■  Also, if the backup batteries are in the server, the Battery status LED should also turn green.
  1. Start Windows’ File Explorer.
  2. Go to the folder that contains the firmware file and double click on "usbs213d.exe" (depending on your computer settings, the extension “.exe” may not be visible).
  3. The server-firmware-installation program will now start.
  4. Choose the language in which you want the instructions to be displayed and click NEXT.
  5. Verify that the server is connected - click NEXT.
  6. The server will now be reprogrammed.  Wait for the program to finish.
  7. After the server has been successfully reprogrammed - click NEXT to exit the program.
  8. When Bridgemate Control Software is next started, it should show that the server is “Connected” and that the version is 2.2.1d.  If the server is shown as “Not connected,” disconnect the USB server cable (at the PC or server) and then reconnect it; this will allow the server to be recognized on your PC. 
Bridgemates II (Table units)    Bridgemate II - Firmware 2.3.1 - Use with USB Server v2.3.1d

The Bridgemate II internal firmware is updated through wireless broadcast of the firmware by the server to the Bridgemates.  There is no wired connection required.

Preparing the Bridgemates:
  • Collect all the Bridgemates you want to update.
  • Make sure they are set to the same region and channel as the server.
  • Make sure they show the main screen with the Bridgemate II logo.
  • Bridgemates should have enough battery power; the battery indicator should not be blinking.
Preparing the computer:
  • Connect the USB Server to your computer.
  • Start Bridgemate Control Software (BCS) without an active session.  BCS can be started from the Windows Start menu.
  • Make sure the Region and Channel settings of the server match those of the Bridgemates.
Starting the firmware broadcast:
  • In BCS, go to menu Tools > Bridgemate > Bridgemate II update firmware.
  • Click “Select firmware file”.
  • Browse to the desired .bm2 firmware version file, highlight the file and click “Open” to open the file.
  • Select the desired version or language.
  • Click “Upload firmware” to upload the firmware to the server.  This may take a while to complete.
  • Make sure “Continuous transmit” is checked and press “Transmit firmware”.  Press OK to confirm.

The firmware is now continuously being broadcasted by the server.  A progress bar shows the ongoing status of the server’s broadcast – starting again after reaching 100%.  This will continue until the “Stop transmission” button is pressed. 

The next step is to let the Bridgemates start receiving the firmware update.

Receiving the firmware by the Bridgemates:

  • Press OK on the Bridgemate to awaken the device.

  • Press SETUP to enter the setup screen; if needed, enter pin code 749 or 769.

  • Press INFO to enter the version info screen.

  • Press UPDATE to enter the firmware update mode, and press OK to start the receive mode.

  • If the server and Bridgemates are set to different Regions and/or Channel, the Bridgemate will display “Waiting for update;” if Region/Channel match and firmware broadcast has been started in BCS, an “update” status bar will be displayed.

  • When the firmware is received completely, the Bridgemate will return to the main screen.

After all Bridgemates have finished the firmware update, press “Stop transmission” to stop the broadcast and close the firmware update window.

The Bridgemates will normally be set to a “North America default” condition;


  • Do not abort the transmission before all Bridgemates that are receiving the firmware update have finished.

  • In case firmware transmission is interrupted, the Bridgemate will remain in firmware update mode until the firmware is again broadcast and received fully by the Bridgemate.

  • The transmission progress bars in BCS and on the Bridgemate do not necessarily progress equally.

  • When the progress bar on the Bridgemates reaches 100%, it will usually take a few more seconds to complete - as it waits for parts of the firmware to be resent.  This is normal behavior.

  • The firmware update mode in Bridgemate Control Software (BCS) can be activated at any time.  Bridgemates will automatically start receiving the firmware, even when the transmission has started earlier.  Bridgemates do not have to be in the firmware-update mode before firmware transmission is started in BCS.