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Register with a Club


In order to use the Bridgemate App in a club, you must register with the relevant club or clubs in the Bridgemate App.

Important !
Registering membership with a club in the Bridgemate App does not necessarily mean that you are actually a member of that club.  Registration is only for the purpose of the Bridgemate App. 



Make sure you have downloaded and installed the Bridgemate App, and you have successfully created an account.  See this article for more information.

Adding your first membership registration

If you haven't yet registered with a club, the App displays the following screen:

No memberships registered 

Click on Add club membership
The following screen appears:

Select the country and state (or province/county) where the club is located.  Click on the Club field to find and select the club.  If your club isn't listed, this means it hasn't signed up with the Bridgemate App yet.
Once a club has been selected, add your club membership number.  This is usually your ACBL member number or a "pseudo" number for Bridgemate entry at the table.  If you don't know your membership number, please consult with the club.

Click on Add club membership to confirm the membership registration.

If you (i.e., your email address) is already registered with a club (regardless of the "membership number" used) the App server will return a notice:  "This membership number has already been registered for this club"  This actually means that the email address has already been used to register with this club and may not be used again - regardless of the player membership number used.

 Click on Add club membership


Adding more memberships

f you play at more than one club, you can add more memberships.  The Bridgemate App automatically recognizes at which club you're playing.  After you've added your first membership, the Bridgemate App home screen looks like this:

Click on Club memberships to view the club membership page.





Click on "Add club membership" to add another club.






Membership awaiting confirmation

If your club has opted to validate all new registrations before they can be used, your registration is pending until it's validated by the club.  A pending registration is identified by an exclamation mark.

Membership registration pending
Your registration becomes active as soon as the club validates and approves your registration.

Deleting and modifying membership registrations

Detailed information about deleting or modifying existing registrations is available in this article.