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Location of Log Files


Bridgemate Control Software (BCS) keeps track of various activities and events in the program and stores this information in log files.  This article explains how to set the location of the log files and to find the log files on your computer.

Type of log files

Bridgemate Control Software maintains various log files which all have the extension .log and are plain text files. The following log files are available:

  • BmproLog.log : keeps a log of all general activities like opening/closing the program, starting games, Bridgemate activity (scores, player numbers, log on/off), etc.
  • ErrLog.log : keeps a log of all errors tracked by the program.
  • ByteComm.log:  keeps log of external USB-devices such as the pager transmitter.
  • AppLog.log : keeps a log of all Bridgemate app communication.
  • USBComErr.log : keeps a log of USB connectivity when the USB server is detected but no proper connection can be established.


Setting log file location

The location of the log files can be configured in the Bridgemate Control Software (BCS) menu:  Tools Options General File locations (tab)

The default location is User appdata folder.  To save log files in another location, select Other folder and click Select folder to choose the new folder location; double left click on the desired folder (to save it) and then Close.  Except for Windows XP, it suggested the Bmpro.exe program folder not be used — since Windows blocks programs writing into files in a Program Files [or Program Files (x86)] folder; in other words DO NOT select the Bmpro.exe program folder unless your PC is running Windows XP.

Note:  When you change the log file location, existing log files are not transferred to the new location.  The old files will remain, and if no log files exist at the new location, a new log file will be created.  Log files may be copied from the old location to the new location manually to keep past and future log entries together in one file.  If a log file already exists (or you have copied the old log file to the new location), future log entries will be appended to this file.

Copy Log Files: 

When the log files are in the "User appdata folder," run this program copylogs to copy them into a "Logs" folder on your desktop.

Locating the log files on your computer

The log files can be located on your computer by browsing to the "selected" folder location using Windows (File) Explorer.  The Users AppData folder is normally a hidden folder.  In order to access the AppData folder, see the "Show Hidden Files" procedure described below.

In case the location is set to BMPro.exe program folder and BCS is installed in the "Program files" [or "Program Files(x86)"] folder of your Windows Vista/7/8/10 operating system, the log files will not exist in the Bridgemate Pro program folder due to "write" restrictions set by Microsoft Windows.  In that case, the files are written in a so-called VirtualStore folder which emulates writing to the Program files folder.  To locate this folder, open Windows (File) Explorer, and go to the user folder of the current Windows user.  Commonly, this will be located at C:\Users\<your_username>.  Again, note that the Virtualstore folder is normally hidden.

Show Hidden Files
In your User folder, there is a folder — AppData.  If this folder is not visible, you need first to make hidden files and folders visible.  If Windows (File) Explorer is already open:
  • Windows Vista & 7:  Go to menu Organize Folder and search options (or Tools Folder options); the Folder Options window appears, click on View (tab).

  • Windows 8 or 10:  Go to "View" and on the ribbon select Options Change folder and search options; the Folder Options window appears, click on View (tab).

Alternatively, go to Control Panel Folder options (or Windows 10 = File Explorer Options).

Select Show hidden files, folders, and drives and click OK.  The AppData folder will now be available.  The log files will be in Users AppData Local Bridgemate Control Logs.  

Also note that the "Hide extensions for known file types" should be deselected.

To see the VirtualStore folder (when BCS shows "BMPro.exe program folder" on Windows Vista 7/8/10), go to Users %Your User Name% AppData Local VirtualStore Program files (x86) [or just Program files on 32-bit PCs} Briodgemate Pro.  It should be noted, however, that the BCS log file will not be accessible from within BCS (Tools Show log file).