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Bridgemate  Control Software ─ v3.6.10 and v3.7.6 ─ New  Features & Changes

Version    3.7-6                                    Date:           11-18-18
This update is necessary for team games as well as the Bridgemate Pager system.


  • Extended team features for games allowing Team scoring across sections and EW pairs returning to their home table.
  • Team players can enter their numbers on a home table and review the names before starting round 1. 

Bugs Fixed:

  • Messages were not sent to the Bridgemate pagers – when specific sections were selected for pager notification – and the section letter has a 
    trailing space in the Result (.bws) file – i.e., ACBLscore.
  • Group numbers higher than 63 were not accepted.
  • Hand records were not uploaded to all calculation groups when multiple calculation groups belong to the same section.
  • Occasionally board 0 and pair 0 were uploaded to the Bridgemate app.
  • Double dummy analysis was performed multiple times when the same hand records were used in multiple sections.

Version    3.6.10                                    Date:           3-8-18
Due to various incompatibilities of scoring programs (other than ACBLscore), a new version of BCS was released to prevent error messages that block the program from running properly.  PC’s that have already been updated to BCS 3.6.9 need not change to 3.6.10.

Version    3.6.9                                    Date:           2-22-18

  • Bridgemate II firmware 3.0 supported .
  • Bridgemate paging system added
  • Average cross-imp and total cross-imp score method added
  • Improved upload to Bridgemate App – to prevent upload failures
  • Bridgemate II settings (only) can be stored in configuration files and easily reloaded or distributed
  • Setting “EW moves before play in Round 1 added (for ACBLscore only)
  • Support for teams scoring using Bridgemate II firmware version 3.0
  • Imported hand-record analysis upgraded to a much faster version.

Bugs fixed:

  • Minimizing window to the minimum size possible resulted in error 360
  • BCS could crash on older Windows computer when validating a suspicious result
  • BCS could crash on Windows XP computers when validating a suspicious contract
  • Exporting hand records to .dup/.pbn caused an error
  • Rankingsof sessions with multiple scoring methods were not correctly uploaded to the Bridgemate App
  • Score method in Bridgemate was not updated when a new section was added
  • Error while editing a score in the Result Matrix while the score is not in filtered result list.
  • Default game name containing apostrophe gave an error when starting a new game.
  • Importing a hand-record file with an apostrophe in the file name stopped BCS from operating.
  • An error occurred when the option “Intermediate transmission of contract” was enabled.